About - CuteAwaking
~ Cute Awaking ~
* Cute (Adjective): attractive in a pretty or endearing way.
* Awaking (present participle of “awake”): the very act of waking up right now; happening right now in this very moment.

In 2014, we were graced with the addition of our fourth child. I dove into babywearing with his arrival and fell in love with the culture. Who wouldn’t love the extra snuggle time and the added ability to get things done at the same time. I made bunches of ring slings and wraps for myself. Eventually, everyone I knew got one too. I continued to learn more about the different types of baby carriers, and put my 20 plus years of sewing experience to work. I even developed my own patterns. As I pressed on in this industry, I learned about all the laws and regulations concerning baby carriers. As daunting and cumbersome as they may seem, I have worked very hard to become compliant with all my carriers even though they are handmade. After all safety is one of the most important things when it comes to our babies! I continue to work and hone my craft, because I love the outcome; little ones held close and loved!

Cute Awaking is now in its 4th year and truly has become a family affair. My wonderful hubby (seen in many pictures) has been an AWESOME support! He helps brainstorm new ideas, as well as being available as a keen model and covering all my tech support. My “big kids” have stepped up to help with simple tasks. They have also been great at helping me keep up with house work. I love the thought of my children “awaking” in who they are, in what they will become. I love this it is a truly present thing happening in the now, in this moment. And, while they are tiny and little, I love that I get to see it in all the “cute” things they do.

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