Custom Cute Buckle Onbuhimo Deposit

Custom Cute Buckle Onbuhimo Deposit


Are you looking for a quick no fuss high back carrier??? The Cute Buckle Onbuhimo may be your answer!!!

** This listing is for a deposit for a custom Cute Buckle Onbuhimo using Wrap that you send in.

The Cute Buckle Onbuhimo is a waist-less soft structure carrier. Designed for carrying your child in a secure high back carry. The bottom of the carrier folds up under the child's bottom, between them and you creating a unpoppable seat! And what's the best feature about it? No waist band!

The shoulder straps have been designed to mold and conform to your body, as well as provide cushy padding without being overly bulky. There are Reverse PFAs (Personal Fit Adjusters) so you can shorten the straps to fit you perfectly and make minor adjustments while wearing. The chest strap loops on the shoulder straps offer adjustable heights for the chest strap to help find your personal fit.

I have had a canvas skeleton tested. What does this mean for you? I can cover that skeleton with anything! New, used and any fiber blend. Do you have a printed fabric you love? I can use that too!
Seeking a conversion with no skeleton? I can do full conversions with no skeleton using Low Tencel blend wraps, and Girasol woven wraps. These wraps will need to be new to do no skeleton.
Seeking an adjustable body panel? Yes I can do that! Adjustable body panels can be done in Full and Half conversions with new Girasol woven wraps and certain 100% cotton machine woven wraps. The adjustable body panel generally fits littles that wear 12 months to 4T


How does the custom process work with Cute Awaking?
After purchasing this listing I will send you a link to a google form to fill out about your conversion options. Once you complete and submit the form it holds your spot to have your wrap converted.
On that form will be the address to send your wrap to. Please send your wrap in promptly! Submitting the form holds a spot for you, but the order I receive the wraps is the order I will convert.
Upon receiving your wrap I will send you a picture letting you know I have received it.
Before I start on your conversion I will be contacting you to confirm all the final details including; sizing, cotton color for partials, pattern placement, any extras...
Once I have finished your conversion I will let you know and the remainder of the balance will be due before I will ship it back to you.
Your conversion should be finished and ready to ship in less than a week from the date I start.
(**As a wife and a mom of 5. I work hard to stay on top of my work and to keep my dead lines; but if the unforeseen happens and I will be late I will let you know immediately**)


Conversion Types:

Full - Everything is covered with your wrap
Half - The outside body panel, top of the shoulder straps including the chest strap loops, and the chest strap is your wrap
Partial - Outside body panel is your wrap or print. You can also use the option to customize placement of the combination of wrap and Cotton on your shoulder straps


Full conversion
Deposit $60.00 + Balance $90.00 = Totaling $150.00
Half conversion with Cotton
Deposit $60.00 + Balance $100.00 = Totaling $160.00
Partial conversion with Cotton
Deposit $60.00 + Balance $110.00 = Totaling $170.00

Adjustable body panel: + $60.00
Hood: +$20.00


Body panel sizes:
Baby: Seat width 14-16 inches, 16-19 inches tall (Generally fits early sitters up to those who wear 18 months)

Standard: Seat width 16-18 inches, 17-21 inches tall (Generally fits those who wear 12 months to 2T)

Toddler: Seat width 19-21 inches, 21-24 inches tall (Generally fits those who wear 2T to 4T)

Preschool: Seat width 22-26 inches, 23-26 inches tall (Generally fits those who wear 4T and bigger)

Adjustable: Generally fits littles that wear 12 months to 4T


The carrier comes with a buckle chest strap made with your wrap. You can also choose to have a sash made.


Wrap Amounts needed:
The size wrap indicated assumes there is no pattern placement. If your wrap has a pattern that you'd like laid out a specific way it will require a longer wrap. Please contact me so we can work out the length needed for pattern placement.

Full Conversion Buckle Onbuhimo:
2.5 meters - 100 inches

Full Conversion Adjustable Buckle Onbuhimo:
3 meters - 115 inches

Half Conversion Buckle Onbuhimo:
1.6 meters - 60 inches (This includes a chest strap)

Half Conversion Adjustable Buckle Onbuhimo:
1.8 meters - 70 inches (This includes a chest strap)

Partial Conversion:
Body Panel -
Baby - 21 inches
Standard - 23 inches
Toddler - 27 inches

Chest Strap:
Sash - 48" x 6
Belt - 36" x 4"

Top of shoulder straps:
Depending on placement - 15" to 20"

Detachable Drawstring Flathood:
20 inches

Detachable Drawstring Hoodie Hood:
38 inches

The Cute Buckle Onbuhimo is CPSIA compliant and have passed ASTM F-2236 testing. 15 to 65 Pounds. I am a proud member of BCIA.

Shipping from United States

After quality, I strive for a quick turnaround. I will usually get all Ring Slings shipped the day after ordered when possible, or no later than 3 business days. In stock Onbuhimos I will have shipped with in 1 to 5 business days. I know when I order something I would like it, well, now. So I try to accommodate that to the best of my ability. The exception to this is custom orders. Please contact me regarding custom orders and I can let you know my current turn around time.

I ship USPS Priority. It takes 2 to 3 days to be delivered. Please contact me if you need it sooner so that we can discuss options.


Don't love your item? That's okay. Notify me by email with in two weeks to arrange for the return of your purchase. Refunds will be made provided all item are returned; including instructions and product registration card, in new unwashed condition. Once the product has been received the refund will be issued for the purchase price less 10% for restocking fees.
~Custom carriers are non-refundable
~Clearance carriers are non-refundable

Not quite what you wanted? Notify me by email with in two weeks to arrange for the return of your purchase. Exchanges will be made provided all item are returned; including instructions and product registration card, in new unwashed condition. Once I have received it you will be billed for the new shipping fee. Once paid I will send out your new selection. If your new selection is more expensive you will need to pay the difference before the new item is shipped out.

I take pride in my work, and strive very hard to produce a safe high quality product. During the first six months, if you find any manufacturing defect, I will gladly repair it or replace it if necessary.

Custom Carriers:
* Deposits for custom carriers are non refundable
* Once custom slot has been purchased you have 1 month to get your wrap/fabric to me or your slot is forfeited.
* Upon completion of your carrier a final invoice will be issued for the balance due. Payment must be received with in eight (8) days to avoid incurring a late fee of $10.00 per week.

Clearance Items:
Please choose carefully! All clearance sales are finale; non-refundable, and non-exchangeable.

We are absolutely in love with our custom reverse onbuhimo! Tasha is amazing and so talented! Her skills are amazing and her communication is the best I've ever had with a custom order! We will absolutely be back and refer everyone to her! Thanks so much!

We love our custom cute onbuhimo! It came out PERFECT! We can’t wait to get more use out of it and hopefully some better pictures of it! Tasha is super patient and listens to what you want and translates it into the finished product!

I sent in a wrap to be converted into an Onbuhimo and a ring sling and I am so happy with both of them! Tasha was so helpful every step of the way, from answering my questions prior to placing the order, to giving me updates through every step of the process. The quality of the finished products I received is professional and flawless! I highly recommend Cute Awaking and would order from this shop again!

I can't say enough great things about this shop and the product I received! Tasha answered about a million questions I had, and then the work was so quick and quality. She kept sending me pictures all along the way so I could see how it was coming together. We LOVE our new carrier! It's gorgeous, and she was even able to make me a ring sling with the leftover length of wrap so that it would not go to waste.

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